Cholestatic Liver Disease

Cholestatic liver disease can be caused by a build up of bile that can ultimately result in progressive damage to the liver and liver failure. In addition to progressive liver failure, patients with cholestatic liver disease experience a dramatically reduced quality of life because of unbearable disease symptoms, including itching so extreme that it causes severe sleep disruption and scratching that can result in skin destruction, bleeding and scarring. While the exact cause of itching has not been determined, it is correlated with an increased level of circulating bile acids in patients with cholestatic liver disease.

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Lumena’s cholestatic liver disease drug candidates work by preventing recycling of bile acids back to the liver, thereby reducing bile acid accumulation, improving liver function and potentially relieving the extreme itching associated with the disease. In effect, the company’s drug candidates may mimic the benefits of invasive surgeries that are commonly used for cholestatic liver disease without the high rate of associated complications. This approach may improve liver function and significantly improve the quality of life for patients with cholestatic liver diseases.

Message from a Mother and Advocate

Cindy Hahn, President, founder and CEO, Alagille Syndrome Alliance